Bail Bonds for Beginners

Bail Bonds for Beginners

Bail Bonds for Beginners

If you, a friend or a loved one have never had to deal with being arrested before, how to get out of jail may be a bit of a mystery. However, understanding what a bail bond is, how they work, and how you can possibly post a bail bond for yourself may help alleviate some of your stress.

We know an arrest is a very stressful time. We put this blog together to help you understand just what a bail bond/surety bail bond is. So, listed below are some helpful tidbits you should know if you ever get arrested and taken to jail.

What Is a Bail Bond?

If you are ever arrested and taken to jail, the law enforcement officer may require you to stay in custody. They may require you to stay in jail until you’ve posted a bail bond.

A bail bond is a monetary deposit, made by either cash, money order or cashier’s check. This is deposited directly with the jail or court.

This monetary deposit is held by the court until your case is resolved. Which basically means you have appeared in court at every single court date. Now, once your case has been resolved the court will refund your bail bond deposit. However they may take out any fines or court costs incurred.

What is a Surety Bail Bond?

Most families live paycheck to paycheck, so having to fork up a large sum of money to get a loved one out of jail is nearly impossible.

Surety bail bonds are posted by licensed bail bond agents. The best way to explain this is; They are kind of like a loan company, but they only loan money to get you out of jail.

The bail bond company promises to pay the full monetary bail amount, in the event that you do not appear in court when required to do so.

The bail bond company will post the full amount of the bail bond and charge a small fee. Typically this fee is between 7 and 10 percent of the full bail amount. This fee is non-refundable, as that is how the bail bond company stays in business.

Once you appear in court and resolve the court case, your obligation to the bail bond company is complete. Any collateral that was secured, if any will be returned immediately.

How Much is a Bail Bond?

Most bail amounts will vary from county to county. Bail amounts are determined by what is called a bail schedule or a judge. The bail schedule for every county is set by a panel of judges every year.

Generally, the least serious crimes or misdemeanors will require little to no bail. While more serious or felony charges will have bail set typically between $10,000 and $100,000 or more, depending on the crime.

Procedure for Getting a Bail Bond

In the event that you, a friend or a loved one get arrested, you will be booked. Once you complete the booking process you will be allowed a phone call. You can use this phone call to reach a friend or loved one who may be able to help get the bail bond posted.

Another way you can use that phone call would be to call the friendly, professionals at Avengers Bail Bonds.  We have been helping people get out of jail for nearly 30 years.

The wonderful thing about Avengers is you don’t even have to leave your home, as everything can be done via fax or email.  Our friendly agents will come to you or meet you at the jail whatever you prefer.

Of course, this may be obvious, but in order to get you out of jail, the person posting bail must have some information like;

  • Your First and Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • What Jail You Are in Custody at
  • Your Booking Number (If They Have it)

Depending on the size of the bail and the charges, a cosigner may need of collateral. Again, this all depends on the size of the bail amount, typical collateral consists of a title to a home or car.

Some bail bond companies will not require collateral.

What is a Bail Hearing?

If you are arrested for a serious felony charge, it is possible that the bail amount will not be set by a bail schedule. A Bail hearing may be required before bail will be set. Once the judge hears the case, he/she will have the option of setting the terms and bail amount for your release from custody.

Is Release immediate After Bail is Posted?

Well this will depend on what jail you are located at, but the typical release time is roughly 45 minutes to an hour at a local jail. However, if you are taken to a county jail facility it could take 8-12 hours for release, depending on how busy the jail is at any given time of the day.

What Happens if the Person Fails to Appear?

If a person fails to appear in court, the bail bond company will have a period of 180 days (6 Months) locate and return the defendant to custody. If the bail bond company fails to find the defendant within the allotted time, they will have to pay the full bail amount due to the court. Therefor the cosigner will be responsible for payment to the bail bond company or any collateral will be confiscated. The best advice I can give you would be, just go to court, saves a lot of headaches.

Who Can You Turn to for More Information?

If you have any questions about how to post bail, you can call the professionals at Avengers Bail Bonds. We have agents standing by 24/7 to answer all your questions and get you, you’re your friend or loved one out of jail FAST. Give us a call today to find out more.

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