Should I Call A Bail Bond Company or an Attorney First?

Should I Call a Bail Bond Company or an Attorney First

Should I Call A Bail Bond Company or an Attorney First?

This is a question that most families often ask themselves when a loved one gets arrested; Should I call a bail bond company or an attorney?

The simple and logical answer is; Hire both, if you can afford to do so.

However, the average American family lives paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford to hire a bail bond company and an attorney. Fact is, nearly 70% of American families have less than a thousand dollars in savings. So, hiring both most times is not an option.

What’s the Best Option When You, a Friend or a Loved One Get Arrested?

Here at Avengers Bail Bonds, we want you to understand one simple concept; Attorney’s don’t get people out of jail immediately—bail bond companies do.

Attorneys are there to fight for you, to maneuver through the legal system and help you win your case. Sure, they could get you released after several days or even weeks of you being arrested. Well, I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want to sit in jail for hours, let alone days or weeks.

These Days, bail bond companies are there to get you out of custody immediately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, we strongly believe, if you can only afford one option, it should be to call a local bail bond company.

Here’s why;

Release on Bail Gives You Leverage

It’s no secret that many plea bargains are made because the prosecutor knows the defendant wants to get out of jail. Most of the time, this deal is; Take a plea, and you can go home. Well here at Avengers Bail Bonds we know that this can cause a defendant to admit to a crime he/she didn’t actually commit.

However, once the defendant is released on a bail bond, prosecutors are less likely to offer a plea bargain. A simple reason for this is because it puts them in a less advantageous position.

Bail Bond Companies Help Avoid County Jail

Once a person is arrested, they will typically be able to post a bail bond within a couple hours. What is extremely important to understand is if a defendant isn’t bailed out of a local jail quickly (within several hours), he/she will be taken to the county jail. Most county jail facilities are terrible environments and I don’t recommend anyone having to be there.

Anyone having to be in custody at a county jail facility is an unfortunate experience. This experience however can be avoided with the help of a local bail bond company, they can get them out of jail fast.

An Attorney Doesn’t Equal Freedom

An attorney will never tell you he will win your case. But even if he/she does say to you, “I will win your case,” it’s not a guarantee. In fact, it’s a red flag, because no attorney should be saying they will win your case, EVER.

Ethically, a lawyer can’t condition your payment on a promised outcome of the defendant’s case.

However, a bail bond company will get you, your friend or loved one out of jail immediately. Once you are released from custody, you will be able to resume your daily life. You’ll be able to go to work and take care of any personal matters while awaiting court dates.

A Bail Bond Company Gets You Out Immediately

The benefit of a local bail bond company is, they have the ability to get the person out of jail custody fast. Typically, a bail bondsman will go to the jail where the defendant is being held to get him/her out.

Now, we understand most people don’t have 10’s of thousands of dollars to spend on bail. But a good local bond company will help greatly with this situation. Bail bondsman help get the defendant out of jail quickly and it’s more affordable to pay a bondsman than it is to come up with the full cash amount.

At Avengers Bail Bonds, we are on standby 24 hours a day for those unwanted emergencies. No one ever expects to be arrested or have a friend or loved one in jail. However, if this does happen, we are more than happy to help.

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