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It’s no secret that a reputable bail bond agent can be an angel in disguise, especially for people who simply can’t afford to pay the full bail bond amounts to the jail or court. But there are some people that don’t understand why the justice system needs the bail bond industry.

So, to help explain the need for bail bonds companies in today’s complicated legal system, we’ve compiled some facts regarding what bail bondsmen do and how they benefit everyone, from taxpayers, to the person sitting in jail because they can’t afford to pay their full cash bail bond amounts.

Bail Bonds Reduce Jail Overcrowding

Fact is, without bail bond companies, jails would be more over-crowded than they currently are, with inmates that are unable to pay large bail amounts.

While some may argue that the current bail bond system is flawed and incarcerates non-convicted defendant’s simply because they can’t afford bail bonds and impede one’s right to presumed innocence.

Well we call foul, this is not the fault of the bail bonds system, it is primarily the fault of those who set the current bail bond schedules, which are done yearly by the judges of the courts, not bail bondsmen.

Bail bonds companies give people an opportunity to enjoy their freedom and resume their daily lives while they are awaiting their court appearances, which mind you can go on for several months.

Most people that post bail bonds have jobs and families, they don’t want to lose their jobs, they just want to maintain the same lifestyle, surrounded by family and friends.

Without bail bonds being posted, defendants would surely stay in jail for weeks or even months at a time and lose everything.

Bail Bonds Ensure Defendants Will Show Up for Court

Most people don’t know that those who hire bail bondsmen to post their bail bonds are 20%-30% more likely to appear at their future court dates than those released on their own recognizance or (OR).

The bail bond system works extremely well when defendants have friends or family members working with a bail bonds company to post bail on their behalf; When a defendant realizes that their loved ones will have to take on the financial responsibility for the bail bond should they fail to appear in court, they very rarely fail to appear for their court dates.

Bail Bonds Companies Help the Economy

Bail bond companies reduce the burden on taxpayers for housing, feeding and transporting those awaiting trial. They also help contribute to the economy by paying insurance premiums, taxes and reducing the need to pay officers to track down individuals who fail to appear at their court dates.

The bail bond industry employs approximately 3,000 bail agents and over 5,000 support personnel throughout the State of California. All of whom contribute and pay taxes to help support the state and local communities.

Bail is a Constitutional Right.

Finally, there has been a lot of talk lately, especially with the whole bail reform movement that the current bail system is unconstitutional or that is violates a person’s rights.

Those who claim this should take a closer look at the 8th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

The 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitutions clearly makes room for the practice of issuing bail bonds by clearly stating, bail shall be based on “sufficient surety” to guarantee the appearance of the accused in court, and that citizens should not be subjected to excessive bail.

This latter clause led to the creation of the bail bond system in the first place, as bail amounts were deemed excessive in some cases and bail bondsmen provided a way to make paying bail amounts easier.

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