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Here at Avengers Bail Bonds we understand that getting arrested or having a friend or loved one in custody can be a very expensive process. Visit our Santa Clarita Bail Bonds page today to get started.

As we say here at Avengers Bail Bonds, have no fear, because we are “The Easy Way Out”. We started our company because we want to help our clients save money. Especially over other bail companies that charge 10 percent rate and simply don’t care.

The local bail bond agents are on standby 24/7, to answer all your bail related questions. Our specially trained agents know how to get you the best rates and specialize in saving you money today.

Discounted Services In Santa Clarita, CA

At Avengers Bail Bonds there are several discount rates available as you, they are;

  • Union Member Rate.
  • Active Military Rate.
  • Military Veterans Rate.
  • Retained Private Attorney and Attorney Referral Rate.
  • AARP Member Rate.
  • AAA Member Rate.
  • Homeowner Rate.

Union Members Special Rate:

The special rate available to Union member is a special rate offered to all members of any union (example of a union; Teamsters, Electrical, Auto Workers etc.), and members of their immediate family.

This special union member rate could represent a huge saving to you and your family, especially with the rising cost of bail here in the SFV.

The Union Member rate will be 8 percent of the total bail amount, here’s an example of possible savings to you;

So, let’s just say you get into an argument with your neighbor, the neighbor didn’t like what you had to say, and things got a little heated. Well after the argument the neighbor calls the police and the next thing you know, you are getting arrested and taken to jail.

Well the bail amount for that in the City of Santa Clarita is $50,000 dollars. We know that most people don’t have that kind of money available to get themselves out of jail, after all that’s a lot of money for most hard-working families to come up with all at once.

So, How Much Will I Save?

What Are The Overall Costs?

Now, understand that most, if not all other companies will charge you the standard 10 percent rate, which in this case would be a total of $5,000 dollars out of your pocket up-front.

But here at Avengers we will offer you a discount rate just for being a local union member.  We will offer you a discounted rate at 8 percent. So, the total cost that you would have to pay out of your pocket would be $4,000.00 dollars, which will save you $1,000.00 dollars over any other agencies.

You will need to provide proof of union membership, this could be your union member card, or a paycheck stub showing payment of union dues.

Active Military Special Rate For SCV Bail

If you are Active Military, we have a special rate just for you, you will receive the 8 percent rate as well.

This rate is available to all active military and their immediate family members.

We care about our active military and their families. All you have to do to qualify for this rate is, let one of our bail bond agents know that you are an active military member and immediately receive this rate.

Once again, this represents a huge savings to you or your family if you ever need to get someone one out of custody. (See example above).

You will need to provide an active military ID or a military paycheck stub.

Veterans Special Rate

SCV Discounted Professional Services. Discounted Charges.

The veteran discount is the same rate discussed above for the active military members. And is available to all veterans and immediate family.

Must show proof of veteran status.

Retained Private Attorney or Attorney Referral Rate

Having retained a licensed private attorney or being referred by a licensed private attorney will save our clients money. If you have a licensed private attorney to represent you, simply let us know and you will receive the discounted rate at 7 percent.

This is obviously a huge savings to you and your family.  However, in order to qualify for this rate, the premium (or fee) amount charged must be paid in full at the time the bail is posted or within 15-30 days of the date the bond is posted.

This discount rate will save you the most money especially on the higher bail amounts.

How Much Could I Save?

An example of the possible savings;

Let’s say your wife gets arrested and is set at $100,000.00 dollars. The amount that you would have to pay to Avengers would be$7,000.00 dollars. This represents an enormous savings of $3,000.00 dollars over all other Santa Clarita Valley bail bonds.

To qualify for the 7 percent rate simply let us know the attorney’s name that referred you. We will take care of the rest.

AARP/AAA Members Rate

AARP, AAA members will receive a discounted rate. This rate will also include immediate family members as well. They will receive the 8 percent rate.

To qualify for this rate, please provide your membership card.

Homeowners Rate

Any client that is currently buying their home or own their home out right will receive a discounted rate. Let us know that you are buying/own your home and we will give you the 8 percent rate.

Want more information regarding discounted services?  All you have to do is call Avengers  now.  Our agents are on standby 24/7 waiting to answer all your bail bond questions. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and give one of our professional agents a call at (661) 309-1117 or toll free (888) NO-JAILS.

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