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What Are Some Things I Should Know Before I Contact Local Bail Bonds Company?

Avengers Bail Bonds knows that getting mixed up with legal system can be a bit scary and confusing. This is especially true if you’ve never had to deal with the legal system and have no idea how bail bonds work or how to get out of jail.

Here at Avengers Bail Bonds, we help guide you through the bail bonds posting process, we help you navigate through the legal system, and help you, your friends or loved ones get out of jail fast.

To start the process, Avengers Bail Bonds will need to know some basic information before we can start the bail bond process.

We Will Need to Know the Following Information:

Where is the person in jail at? (Specifically, this means, what city, and possible jail location).

But, don’t worry, if you don’t know the exact location of the person that was arrested Avengers Bail Bonds will help you locate them. We specialize in Lancaster Bail Bonds, Santa Clarita Bail Bonds, Palmdale Bail Bonds and more.

What’s the Name of the Person Arrested or Booking Number?

We will have to have the name of the arrestee, because without the name we won’t be able to locate the defendant.  Now, normally Avengers Bail Bonds will need this information in order to contact the jail. However, if you don’t have a booking number, we will be able to get that information for you.

How Much is the Bail Amount?

Don’t worry, if you don’t know the exact bail bond amount the team at Avengers Bail Bonds will get this information once we contact the jail. Once we know the bail bond amount, we will be able to tell you the exact cost to release the defendant from custody.

How Can I Get Out of Jail?

There are three options a person can use to get released from jail:

Release Option 1:

The defendant or his family, or friends can post the full bail amount in cash, check or money order directly with the jail or court. The money posted will be held by the court until the case is resolved, so long as the defendant appears at all required court dates.

Release Option 2:

The defendant, or his family, or friends can contact a local bail bonds company, like the professional friendly bail bondsmen at Avengers Bail Bonds located in Lancaster.

Release Option 3:

And lastly the defendant can remain in custody to wait and see the judge.  The judge can review the case and determine whether or not to let the defendant go on his/her own recognizance.  This simply means the defendant signs an agreement to appear in court without having to post bail.

Will I Receive a Refund After the Case is Resolved?

If you posted the full bail bond amount directly to the jail or the court, then yes you will receive a refund of the amount posted, minus any fees incurred by the court.

However, if you used a bail bonds company you will not receive a refund of the premium amount paid.  This is the amount of money paid to the bail bonds company for getting you, your friend or loved one out of jail and is fully earned once the defendant is released from custody.

Can the Defendant Leave the County or State While Out on Bond?

Simply put, Yes. However, it is highly recommended that you contact the local bail bonds company beforehand just to make sure you won’t have any problems. But understand, if the court has informed the defendant not to leave the county or state, then they must abide by the courts ruling. Otherwise, the defendant may be arrested for violating a court order.

Can a Bail Bonds Company Discount the Premium Rates?

There are several other rates available here in the State of California.

Rate #1:

This is standard rate in the State of California and requires a bail bonds company to charge a premium of 10 percent. All bail bonds companies can charge this rate, and most do.

Rate #2:

Known as the 8 percent rate.  This rate allows the bail bonds companies to offer a discount to union members, active duty and veterans of war, AARP members, homeowners and attorney clients where a payment plan is needed.

Rate #3:

The 7 percent rate is a special rate offered to clients that are referred by a licensed attorney or have a licensed attorney representing the defendant on his/her case.

Any company that offers a discount lower than 7% should not be trusted, so be aware of companies that lead you to believe that they will. Always request to look at the company’s rate sheet to avoid being wrongly charged. You can visit the Avengers Bail Bonds website to find more information on premium charges.

What Types of Collateral Are Required?

Collateral is not always required at Avengers Bail Bonds.  Depending on the size of the bonds and types of charges.  If collateral is required, please see the list of what we will accept listed below:

  • Real-Property (Home or Land)
  • Cash Collateral
  • Valuable Jewelry
  • Pink Slips to Cars, Trucks, Boats, RV’s etc.
  • Assignment of Bank Accounts

What Happens If the Defendant Gets Arrested While out on Bail?

The issue with that is twofold:

There are a couple of ways that this situation could be handled. If you are the co-signer or indemnitor on the first bail bond, you can decide to surrender the bond against the defendant. 

This simply means that because the defendant got into more trouble you no longer wish to be liable for him/her any longer.  The bail bonds company will go to the jail and book the first case against the defendant, this will relieve you of any responsibility.

Now, if you decide that you want to bail the defendant out again on the new case, you are more than welcome to do so. Just understand that you will now have the responsibility of both cases to deal with and to make sure the defendant appears in court on both cases.

What do I do if I Need a Bail Bond?

That is a great question, you should immediately call the friendly professional bail bonds agents at Avengers Bail Bonds.  Our agents are standing by 24/7 to take your calls and answer all your bail bonds questions. And get your friend or loved one out of jail FAST, call (888) NO-JAILS now!

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