Lancaster Assault and Battery Bail Bonds

Lancaster Assault and Battery Bail Bonds

Lancaster Assault and battery are two terms that are often used together, which could lead people to think that the two charges are one in the same. But the truth is a bit more complicated than that. While assault and battery are closely related, and often are charged together, they are two separate crimes.

Penal Code Definition of Battery

Penal Code Section 242 defines battery as;

The willful and unlawful use of force against another person. The violation has three separate elements:

  • The act must be willful and unlawful
  • Force or violence is used
  • The willful use of violence or force is used against another person.

Simply put into layman’s term;

You must intend to use force or violence against another person. Now understand, it doesn’t actually have to cause any damage, or injury. In fact, you don’t even have to touch the other person what-so-ever, in order to be guilty of a battery charge.

If you touch anything that is directly connected to another person in any way, like their clothing or a cocktail glass, or beer mug or anything else for that matter, in a disrespectful or rude way, you could be charged with battery.

An Example of a Battery Charge

Let’s say you go out with the guys on a Friday evening and head to the bar. You’re having a great time, then all of the sudden you get into an argument with a random person and rather than press the issue you decide to leave.

However, the bar is quite crowded and, on the way out, you push your way through the crowd because you’re angry. You inadvertently cause a woman to fall to the ground. You weren’t trying to hurt the woman or shove her down, but you were acting forceful manner, and someone else was involved. In this circumstance you could be charged with battery.

Penal Code Definition of Assault

A crime of assault doesn’t have to have the element of physical contact. We’ve all heard the phrase, he/she assaulted me, in a situation where someone was hurt by physical violence.

However, assault is not necessarily an attack causing physical damage of any kind, but merely an attempt to make unlawful contact with the intent of doing harm.

There are three elements of assault:

  • There must be an unlawful attempt
  • There must be ability
  • There must be another person upon whom violence or injury was threatened or attempted

When you attempt something, this means that a person tried to do something; it does not mean that they thought about it or wanted to, but they actually tried, or attempted to commit.

Example of an Assault Charge

You live in an apartment complex and your neighbor is always blasting his music and it’s frustrating.  So, you go next door and the next thing you know you are involved in a heated argument. All of the sudden, you get frustrated because he just isn’t listening and, in anger, you pick up a bottle and throw it at him. He ducks and the bottle misses him. Of course, he isn’t injured, but you could still be charged with assault because you intentionally did something that could have resulted in there being an injury.

What if I am Arrested for Lancaster Assault and Battery?

If you, a friend or a loved one are arrested for assault and battery, it’s very important to stay calm. We know it’s easier said than done, especially when you’re angry. But, being able to control yourself in front of the cops, the more likely they are going to be willing to listen to your side of the story and take you seriously. Remember staying calm during the interaction with police can avoid additional, and more serious charges.

Things to Remember

  • Always cooperate with police officers.
  • Don’t resist them, even if they have to restrain you.
  • Try to stay as calm as possible.
  • Do not attempt to speak to the other party(ies) involved.
  • Conduct yourself properly.

If you are arrested, the arresting officer will inform you of the charges against you and should read you your Miranda Rights:

  • You have the right to remain silent.
  • Anything you say can and will be used against you.
  • You have the right to an attorney.
  • If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.

How do I Get Out of Jail?

After you have been arrested you will be transported to the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station Jail. One you arrive at the Lancaster jail, you will be booked, fingerprinted and informed of the charges.

Now, once the booking process in complete the jailer will inform you exactly how much your bail is. This is when you will be allowed to start making your phone calls. Normally the jailer will allow you to make up to three phone calls, but in our experience it’s usually more. Just make sure to use one of those calls to contact the professional bail bond agents at Avenger’s Bail Bonds, out agents are standing by 24  hours a day at (661) 206-3055 or toll free at (888) NO-JAILS we will help you get out of jail fast.

Can I Get a Bail Bond After a Lancaster Assault and Battery Charge?

Simply put, YES! However, it is pretty common that most people just don’t have the funds immediately available to post their own cash bail bond. That’s why most people call a local Lancaster bail bonds company, like the friendly professional bail agents at Avenger’s Bail Bonds.

We will post the bail for you, in return we will charge you a fee, generally this fee will be somewhere between 7%-10% of the total bail bond amount. This allows you to get out of jail at a fraction of the cost.

Who Has the Lowest Rates for Assault & Battery Bail Bonds?

Avenger’s Bail Bonds is one of the top-rated bail bond companies in Lancaster, California, and they’ll work hard to get you out of jail as fast as possible. Avenger’s Bail Bonds has licensed bail agents that can process bail bonds anywhere in Southern California and offer the lowest bail premiums at 7%* (Some conditions apply).

Call now, we can start the no hassle bail bonds process over the phone and help you get out of jail for your Lancaster assault and battery charge.

(661) 206-3055 or toll free (888) NO-JAILS now!

How Avenger’s Bail Bonds Can Help You Post a Bail Bond

Most bail bond companies require an annual premium be paid on the one-year anniversary of the charges, if the case is still active. But Avenger’s Bail Bonds does not. Once your bail bond has been posted through Avenger’s Bail Bonds, there are no additional fees or recurring charges.

Avenger’s will even work with you if you need a payment plan, our low money down, no interest payment plans will help get you, your friend or a loved one out of jail when you’re on a budget. Our payment plans were designed to fit into any family’s budget, so it just doesn’t get any easier than that!

If you need a bail bond anywhere in the Antelope Valley or surrounding areas. Or if you want fast, professional, confidential service at the lowest possible rates; Look no further than the professional at Avenger’s Bail Bonds at (661) 206-3055 or toll free at (888) NO-JAILS.

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