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No Collateral Bail bonds

Is Collateral Always Required?

No collateral bail bonds explained with Avenger’s bail bonds company in Palmdale. The simple answer to this question is no, there are quite a few bail bonds companies out there that don’t require collateral.  And most people are shocked when they learn they don’t always need collateral when bailing a friend or loved one out of Palmdale jail.

There are a lot of bail bonds companies out there who will require their clients to put up their real property or hand over the pink slip to their car to get their loved one out of jail. Well, here at Avengers Bail Bonds we do things a bit differently.

Avengers Bail Bonds offers what’s called a signature bond, which simply means we don’t require any collateral for most cases. (Some conditions apply). We offer no collateral bail bonds in Palmdale and Lancaster along with Los Angeles County. Here to help you get out of jail with affordable bail bonds rates and plans available. 

How Does a Signature Bail Bond Work?

A signature bail bond means just that, “your signature”, is all that’s required. If your requesting a signature bail bond, the bail agents at Avengers Bail Bonds will ask you several questions to determine your eligibility. Below is an example of some of those questions:

  • Are you 18 Years old or older?
  • Do You Have a Valid ID/Driver’s License?
  • Are you currently employed?
  • How Long Have You Been Employed?
  • How Long Have You Lived at Your Current Address?

The most important thing about a signature bail bond is what’s called the bail bond agreement.  When a person signs the bail bond agreement, they are agreeing to take full responsibility for all the defendant’s future court dates, until the case is resolved.

What Happens if the Defendant Fails to Appear?

If the defendant fails to appear in court at any hearing when he/she is required to appear, the court will order the bail bond forfeited.  Once the bail bond is ordered forfeited the bail bonds company will be notified via mail.

The actual percentage of defendants that fail to appear in court and attempt to “jump bail” is very low, and in most counties, it’s less than 2%. But nevertheless, it does happen and on the rare occasion someone does make a run for it in hopes of evading prosecution, the local Palmdale bail bonds company (and the cosigner/indemnitor) will be liable for paying the defendant’s full bail amount.

Do I Have to Pay the Full Bail Bond Amount Immediately?

No, if the court orders the bail bond forfeited, they will give the bail bonds company 180 days (or 6 month) to locate and return the defendant back to the custody of the court.  This is why so many bail bondsmen will ask for collateral up front as a means of securing the bond.

Now, if the defendant appears at all court dates and the court orders the bond terminated, the collateral will be returned to the person who posted it immediately.

However, if they skip town, jump bail, run away and disappear, the collateral will be sold, and the money will be used to pay the forfeiture and all costs incurred.

Below is a list of the most common forms of collateral accepted by most bail bonds companies:

  • Vehicle Pink Slip (Car, Truck, SUV, RV)
  • Boat Pink Slip
  • Lien on Real Property-House or Home
  • Mobile Home Title
  • Jewelry
Am I Eligible for a Signature Bail Bond?

Signature Bail Bonds Eligibility:

Signature bail bonds eligibility will relate to several factors listed below:

  1. The Amount of the Bail.
  2. What the Defendant is Charged With.
  3. Prior Criminal History of the Defendant.
  4. Current Employment Status.
  5. Time Spent at Current Residence.
  6. A Few Other Qualifications.

Avengers Bail Bonds is one of the few bail bonds companies that will provide no collateral bail bonds services. We specialize in no collateral bail bonds or signature bail bonds. We believe that by signing the bail bonds contract alone, is assurance enough that the defendant will appear at each future court date.

No collateral/signature bail bonds are evaluated on a case by case basis. However, if the defendant’s bail has been set at less than $100,000 dollars, there is a great chance you will qualify.

In fact, most of our clients find they’re eligible for no collateral/signature bail bonds. Even our clients that needed a little more help and were placed on a monthly payment plan.

We know how stressful and difficult a time this can be, so even if your friend or loved one’s bail has been set at $100,000 or more, we still may be able to help you.

Have More Questions?

Make your first call to the experienced, professional bail bonds agents at Avengers Bail Bonds. We will take the time to answer all your questions and let you know what options are available to you.

In the event you do need collateral, our bail bonds company accepts most forms of collateral.

So, give Avengers Bail Bonds in Palmdale a call at (661) 202-3043 or toll free (888) NO-JAILS now. Our bail agents are standing by waiting to answer all your questions and get your friend or loved one out of jail fast!

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